ScriptEd equips students from under resourced schools with fundamental skills, experiences and relationships to access opportunities in tech.


What we do

ScriptEd empowers students to be creators of technology by offering computer programming classes in under resourced high schools. Our courses are held twice weekly in our partner schools and taught by software developers on a volunteer basis. During the summer, we link students to internship opportunities where they apply their coding skills.

ScriptEd's curriculum is developed by our volunteers, industry partners and staff, and is open-sourced and available for free on Github. Our curriculum is deliberately flexible and fluid, and our resources are constantly updated.


Our students have the creativity and potential to be drivers of innovation and technology in the 21st century. Yet, few students have access to the resources and mentorship necessary to pursue a technology career.

We aim to equip students with the fundamental skills and experiences to ensure that they become creators of technology.


ScriptEd courses are taught by experienced software developers on a volunteer basis, ensuring that students not only have exposure to the most up-to-date knowledge available, but also role models and potential mentors in the field.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer teacher in New York City, please complete our new volunteer application.


ScriptEd's work has been featured in Time, Huffington Post, CBS News, Smithsonian Magazine, Technically Brooklyn and in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.
ScriptEd won the Dewey Winbourne Community Service Award from South by Southwest , the Judges Choice Award in the Millenial Impact Challenge from IGNITEgood , the Teach for America Social Innovation Award, and the Emerging Innovator Award from American Express, The Tufts' 100k Challenge Award and the My Voice Our City Award from Ashoka, and has been recognized by the White House as a Champion of Change for Tech Inclusion

ScriptEd's co-founder and Executive Director, Maurya Couvares, was a featured speaker at TEDxNYED.