For Schools

With your help, we can engage students in the technology industry

Program Description

ScriptEd offers courses twice a week throughout the school year in our partner schools. Our courses are taught by software developers on a volunteer basis, ensuring that students not only have exposure to the most up-to-date knowledge available, but also role models and potential mentors in the field. Depending on schools schedules and needs, the class can be held either during the school day or after school.  ScriptEd partners with schools where at least 75% of the student body qualifies for free or reduced price lunch.

In addition to coursework, ScriptEd students are exposed to the tech industry through field trips to start-ups and technology companies, engaging with guest speakers in-class and job shadowing opportunities.  Each semester culminates in a Hackathon, where students create projects in teams and compete for prizes. They present these projects to their classmates and families, partner firms and community members.


Foundations Course

This project-based course in web development introduces students to the field of computer science and builds the foundational skills necessary for them to be successful in subsequent courses on other topics. Students build a series of web-based Javascript programs in this course. Additionally, we begin to teach students industry best practices. For example, students must learn to use version control systems, how to work in teams, and how to debug programs.


Advanced Course

In our second year course, students take a deeper dive into web programming and learn advanced Javascript concepts. We start the course with a review of the concepts learned during our Foundations Course, and then students delve more deeply into JavaScript, using APIs, creating mobile applications, and other projects.



ScriptEd’s most qualified students can apply for its six-week summer Internship Program. ScriptEd partners with companies around New York City to match students to internship positions. The goal of the Internship Program is to expose students to professional networks and the technology industry. Students are eligible to enroll in the Internship Program after they complete ScriptEd’s Advanced Course with a high rating.