News: ScriptEd Students Code the Future

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Ever wonder what the future of housing looks like? How will we read books? What will music look like? When will we ever get a time machine?! ScriptEd students in New York and San Francisco came together on Saturday to envision just that.


Our coast-to-coast Hackathon was hosted at Google in New York and Mozilla in San Francisco. Huge thanks to all of our sponsors — Atlassian, Google, Mozilla, Github, Sallie Mae and Boxed — for making this epic day possible.

And a very special shout out to our volunteers. We’re grateful for you today and every day for being incredible mentors to the young people of ScriptEd.

Thanks also to our esteemed judges: Stewin Camargo, HSBC; Michael Smith, PINCHme; John Witrock, SideWalk Labs; Alex Qin, SkillShare; Jasmine Greenaway, Github/BrooklynJS; Christina Morillo, Microsoft; Armando Somoza, Rapport Studios; Genine Yarborough, The Brave Stack Network; Joel Kolkmann, NYC Dept City Planning; Jazmin Chavez, New York City Council; Jes Osrow, Hired; Paola Mata, Buzzfeed; Ashish Yadav, HSBC; Patrick Weaver, MOUSE; Gustavo Resendiz, SideWalk Labs; Lauren States, ScriptEd; Andrew Rasiej, Civic Hall; Minerva Tantoco, Future Perfect; Jessica Millstone, BrainPOP; Stephen Henderson, Atlassian, Shreyas, Atlassian; Jennie Lyons, SFUSD

Check out photos from the day on our Facebook page, and read on for a list of winners from each group!



1st Place - Building for the Future

1st Place – Building for the Future: Simulates how long a house lasts against natural disasters based on construction materials that you chose.


2nd Place - Readster

2nd Place – Readster: A social network for readers where you can share your reading list with other users.


3rd Place - Word Script

3rd Place – Word Script: Helps people that don’t know how to code or have trouble understanding code to make coding easier by using keywords to start code.


4th Place - The Present Future of Food

Finalist – The Present Future of Food: Evaluates personal food health.





1st Place - Future of Medicine

1st Place – Future of Medicine: A product to aid people in feeling younger and better.


2nd Place - "i"

2nd Place – “i”: Portrays the future of vision and technology.


3rd Place - Escape EgoLog

3rd Place – Escape EgoLog: A game that envisions a future where EgoLog traps you in their headquarters and it is your job to escape.


4th Place - LifeSim

4th Place – LifeSim: A choose your own adventure game, where the character is a high school student aiming to go to college in the year 2022.



1st Place - The Future of Earths Resources

1st Place – The Future of Earths Resources: A clicker game that teaches people how to manage their natural resources for a better future.


2nd Place - Babytar

2nd Place – Babytar: It lets you design a baby!


3rd place - Future Was Yesterday

3rd place – Future Was Yesterday: A time travel machine.


All of our students did such incredible work. Please feel free to check out all the projects from our students here. Also check out some social media highlights on Storify!