News: Why Our Work is More Important Than Ever

At ScriptEd, we are committed to our mission, grounded in an enduring belief in justice and inclusion. On a day like this, we are trying to cope with what this means for the progress our country has made across all areas of social inclusion, and to the young people we serve who are expressing profound fear and anxiety in our classrooms today.

When a student asks if she will be deported; when a student approaches you and says, “this is it for us, right?” we are activated to the the urgency of this work and the critical importance of our students’ protection and empowerment.

To see our nation choose walls, xenophobia, sexism, and demagoguery over love, hope, diversity, and community is devastating. But it points to why we are here. We are deeply grateful for the ScriptEd community that has supported our mission – and it is time to rally now more than ever. We hope you will view this loss as an impetus to build a stronger community, take care of one another and create space for dialogue and meaningful support for our country’s youth.

We are thinking of you all out there, thankful for your support and hopeful for the community we will continue to build together.