Hire an Intern

ScriptEd’s internship program will run in New York City and San Francisco in Summer 2018.

Become an Internship Partner

We can’t do it without you! Our students need real-world experiences. You can make that possible by providing a summer internship opportunity.

To learn more about hosting ScriptEd interns, please view our Summer 2018 Internship Program brochures for New York City and San Francisco.



What are my responsibilities as an internship provider?

As an internship provider, your company provides students with a 5-week long internship. Students work alongside a designated mentor or team of mentors who will help them complete their work.

Host companies cover interns’ wages and transportation at the rate of $3,000 per intern. Companies may choose to also make a matching donation (optional and tax deductible) to help cover the operating costs of the program.

What type of work do students complete during their internships?

Students eligible for internships will have a foundational understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We’ll provide more information about your particular interns’ background knowledge when we assign students to firms.

Companies propose students’ scope of work to ScriptEd staff.  Here’s an example of one partner firm’s proposed scope of work:

“Students will build a currency converter to live at XXX’s travel section. To start, they’ll build the conversion logic and work on the converter’s visual design.  Next, they’ll integrate the converter with a currency exchange service using JavaScript.  Next, students will build additional tools for our website using data from our in-house APIs.”

What are the dates of the Summer 2018 internship session?

ScriptEd’s internship program will run in New York City from July 10 – August 10 and in San Francisco from June 18 – July 20.

I need more information…

For a more detailed synopsis of the ScriptEd Internship Program please view our online Internship Brochure. Contact us at if you would like more information.

Other Ways to Give

ScriptEd is a not-for-profit organization that depends on donations and volunteers. There are many ways you can help support our cause.


Volunteer to teach ScriptEd students in one of our partner schools in New York City.


To broaden our impact, we need strong partners and financial support. Please consider donating to ScriptEd.