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ScriptEd at TEDYouth 2014!

Hi! We’re Keya, Jania, and Brianna. As ScriptEd students at High School for Global Citizenship, we are learning how to program and create new, innovative projects through code. During a ScriptEd session, we made a website as part of our application to the TED Youth Conference, which this year, was held at the Brooklyn Museum across from our school.

A TED conference is a day of short, interesting talks. The theme of this year’s TED Youth was “Worlds Imagined”. We were hoping to get ideas about how we could use our new coding powers in creative ways to change the world.

Upon entering the Brooklyn Museum, we were given special tags that had our names on them, as well a program that gave us short bios of the speakers we were going to listen to.

We walked into the auditorium which was filled with several hundred students from around the Northeast. After a short introduction, the talks began. Some of our favorite speakers were: Sicily Kolbeck, Jennifer Mascia, Ruddy Roye, Brian Dettmer, Jaap De Roode and Lilian Chen.

We’d like to share some of what inspired us the most:

Sicily Kolbeck is a fourteen year old teen from Georgia who built her own house. Started as a school project, Sicily worked on this 128- square foot house, which she nicknamed “Tiny House,” with the help of her father. However, after his passing in 2013, Sicily made this accomplishment a symbol of remembrance for her father. This made Sicily famous — she visited the White House, explaining how at a tender age, she was able to put in the work to build this amazing, tiny house that sits in her backyard. Her success stood out to me because she was able to come up with this idea and stick with it. Her determination and hard work helped to inspire and reinforce for me: if I stay dedicated, I can design and build any kind of thing that I want with code.

Ruddy Roye walks the streets of Brooklyn to discover stories of people that are often overlooked. Ruddy is a photojournalist from Jamaica, and the (often heartbreaking) tales told to him might never have been shared if he had not published these stories and images on his online porfolio. This activity has led him to be closer to his neighbors and allowed others to open their eyes to the different problems that people face, some that are impossible to get over. This gave me inspiration to share situations occurring in my community online and let their voices be heard.

Lilian Chen, also known as Milktea to her online fans, started a three-year trek at age 17, playing the game Super Smash Brothers Melee in competitions all around the country. Today, as Lilian holds the title of being the best female player in Super Smash Brothers, she works to fight against sexism. Many males often criticize females for playing games just because they are of the opposite sex. As she continues to master this game, and prove them wrong, she has earned the respect of many. A number of gamers who are women have been influenced by her as inspires and her fights for equality in the gaming world. Computer Science is also an activity that has been traditionally dominated by males. Lilian Chen is an inspiration to me because she shows that females can explore and succeed at what we love — no matter what it is.

Kenneth Shinozuka: Kenneth created a heel-attaching sensor that sends out alerts whenever his grandfather gets out of bed. He won the first prize for the Scientific American Science in Action Award and hopes to bring the sensor to market. It was really great to see him coding something that could directly benefit his family.

Sarah Bergbreiter: Sarah packs advanced technologies into tiny robots that can overcome obstacles 80 times their height. She made many tiny robots, many of which resemble bugs. We got to see two videos: the first one was a roach running over obstacles without falling and the other one displayed a roach that jumped about five to six feet off the ground in response to light. This was a fascinating example of programing for physical objects.

Overall, our day spent at TED Youth was incredible. We learned about lots of things we did not know exist and made new friends in the process. Alslo, we also saw a lot of really creative uses of technology that gave us inspiration and ideas for coding projects as we continue to develop our skills in ScriptEd and beyond.

Check out ScriptEd’s Facebook album for all of the photos and more from our exciting day at TEDYouth!

Keya, Jania and Brianna from High School of Global Citizenship

The Finale :(

This was the last week of my internship with Silverline CRM. I will miss it. I am sad to move on after such a short 12 days with my internship.

During these short 12 days, we have accomplished a lot. I explained my project in my other blog post so this might be slightly repetitive. We were able to get all the apps working using the Ionic Framework and AngularJS and it was able to run in the iOS simulator. Our completed app is basically a cute medical questionnaire. You input your name, age, and reason for appointment. Then, you take the survey composed of medical questions that Victor thought up. One of my biggest challenges in this last week was catching up with Victor. Victor made the most improvements in the app during the week I missed because of a school trip. I had to ask a lot of questions and listen to explanations of how pieces of the app worked in order to catch up. I was really happy to work with all the different people and software that I experienced during this internship. This was one of the first summers I can actually say I did something with my time. Thank you Silverline and ScriptEd!

Demetria Fraser

Last day :C

Unfortunately, today’s the last day of my internship at Thrillist. Throughout these 3 weeks, I have learned a lot. I learned more about coding and the different languages that existed. I learned how to behave in a professional working environment and I met new people who provided me with new information and advice about my future. Interning in a web developing company made me realized this is something I would like to do in my career after college. During this last week, we accomplished many things that were required to complete the project assigned to us on the first day of our internship. I wonder what else we might have worked on if we finished the project tasks a week in advance.

Good things that have happened: Thrillist is holding a workshop for all their interns today and pizza will be served!! The workshop’s agenda includes the opportunity to build out resumes so this will be a very good chance to improve my resume. I also don’t have to buy my own lunch today! In addition, the company is offering us our own personal laptops to keep for interning here at Thrillist. I find this very exciting and I am extremely thankful that they are offering us a free computer to keep. Working at Thrillist has been an amazing experience that will definitely benefit me further in the future.

Yong Ji Chen

Final Week at

My last week at About was great aside from trying our very best to finish our project on time. We had to finally connect our graphs to the API, so we can display actual data instead of the random data we added for testing purposes. Adding the API to our project resulted in  us having to change some of our code so that it could work properly with the graphs and tables in our project.

In addition, at, we learned things that will be very helpful for our futures. We were given tips on interviewing, searching for jobs, applying for jobs and etc. We were also given a little celebration for our final day at About. Overall, these past few weeks has been a wonderful experience for me.

Jovan Kelly

Last Minute Thoughts on the Professional World And Farewell?

This month has flied by way too quickly. I feel like it was yesterday when I entered the big room at Contently as an intern. It was really fun being in there. I started to get the idea of how things work in a company. At the end of the day, when I finally got myself at ease in this workplace, it was time to say bye-bye!

Contently is a company that  builds a better media world for storytellers, writers and publishers. At first, I didn’t get what I would do in a company like that as a web development intern. Somehow, I thought that Contently didn’t need any programmers since it’s all about writing and publishing. But soon I realized that my thought was totally incorrect — especially after seeing most of the employees  looking straight at the computer and typing bunches of codes all day long. I forgot that we’re now living in a world surrounded with blocks of codes, java-script, css, html, php, python, ruby etc that we need in our everyday life. Being able to have a glimpse of the programming world and work with  professionals was really an outstanding and rare experience for me as a high school junior.


Sabiha Sultana

Just The Beginning :)

Today was the last day at Contently. Not really sure how I am feeling about this. But I surely will miss that place. Internships can teach you more about what you do AND what you don’t want to do. No one’s career path is a straight line. The main thing this internship taught me were the skills I need to work in a particular field and to be able to work with other people in my department. At Contently, I worked with another intern and two other employees who helped us whenever we needed help with something.

Teamwork is such an important aspect of running a successful company and this internship has taught me how to do this on a professional level. Once I  finally settled into my internship, I started to complete projects for my company. My partner and I spent hours after hours trying to figure out bizarre codes and make them work. Finally, after all of  our hard work and hours devoted to the project, we got to see it blossom. Our manager was happy and they were grateful for everything we did. We  may not personally see a difference in ourselves now, but as soon as I got out of that place, I knew I was more wiser, more mature, more confident, and a better candidate for the next internship.

This is only the beginning. Thank you ScriptEd and Contently for giving me this great opportunity.



Sumaia Nasrin

One step closer to my dream

Since childhood, I have always been a big fan of computers and especially programs. I had the passion and time. What I didn’t have was adequate resources for learning — namely the Internet. After finishing my internship at Ghostery, when I looked back at my internship and tried to reflect on it, the question that came on my mind was “What valuable things have I gained from this internship?” Is it the money or the things I learned or the experience?

After giving it a long thought, it became clear to me that even though education and wealth are both important, experience tops both of them. Experience certainly is more valuable than any other things I have achieved from my internship. It’s as my supervisor Justine says: “I have interviewed people who have major degrees in computer science but has never written a single production line of code which is not going to get them anywhere. Education is important but you can’t expect to get a decent job just with your degree alone.”   (more…)

MD Hossain

Last Week of Internship at JP Morgan

This was unfortunately my last week at JP Morgan Chase. We fixed some bugs and we started to prepare for an hour-long presentation. This presentation was important because it consisted of  the two apps that have been made within the  last 4 weeks. As the day of the presentation got closer, we began to practice our introduction, line of code and how to properly do our demos. On Thursday, the day of our presentation, we presented to our whole Code for Good team. The presentation went quite well as compliments were given to everyone.

Before the presentation, I was quite concerned it would fall a bit short and it was important to at least reach an hour. However, we were able to complete our presentation pretty amazingly. The whole experience at JP Morgan was quite fascinating and I would love to try it once more. I was a bit upset of how short the internship lasted but I would take another opportunity in an instant if it presented itself.

Carlos Belmont

Final week!!!!!

This has been really fun. It was our last week here and we still had some work to do. Michael left on Wednesday so we had to work a little faster to get everything done. We worked hard ever day and took as little time on our lunch as possible to get our work done. On Wednesday, we were finally able to finish all of our work and all we had to do was to add the code to the master Thrillist branch and get it reviewed. There were a few minor mistakes but they were easy to fix. This Thursday was Jackthreads’  birthday so there were pancakes and fruit and doughnuts. There was hot chocolate but someone poured booze into it so we couldn’t drink it. That part was really funny.

Finally, when we were about to leave, Ken walked up to us and said: “we have a gift for you.” He had in his hand two brand new computers and he said that they both were for us. I was so happy that I couldn’t contain my excitement. We said thank you to everyone on our team and said our final goodbyes to everyone. This has been a really good experience and I am really thankful that I got this opportunity. I hope I can do it again next year.

Earl Smith


This was a week of both retrospection and introspection. Though we did focus on our–Rebecca and I’s–coding assignments, we also got the opportunity to manage our weekly Lunch&Learns.

We were able to gain functionality when using the D3.js and Highcharts frameworks. With this, we managed to gather data from a csv (comma-separate value) file and import it into both js frameworks, then expressing it all into a bar/line chart.

Apart from working on our code, we successfully pulled off another Lunch&Learn regarding internet surveillance, the novel 1984, and the tyranny of such actions.

As we work on a presentation to explain our experience to the ScriptEd community and those affiliated with it, I have come to the conclusion that it is all done for the empowerment of humanity, our communal aspiration to progress and beneficial betterment for all.  I’ m very grateful for the opportunity to have interned in such a company and partake in this community.

Derek Acosta