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We’re hiring!

We have grown to serve 600 students in New York City this year from 300 students last school year, and we are actively looking for a passionate, creative, and hard working individual to join our team.

Please see the attached job description for more information about the position and instructions on how to apply.


The ScriptEd Hackathon Was Out of This World!

ScriptEd_Hackathon_2015 (23 of 27)
Photo by Neha Gautam Photography

ScriptEd celebrated Computer Science Education Week by holding our largest ever Hackathon. 200 students from 30 schools attended the event, which was so large we had to hold it simultaneously in two locations (Thanks, Microsoft and Google!). Students created interactive web projects over the course of six hours that fit with the surprise theme.. SPACE!

The results were, obviously, out of this world.


First place at Google went to the all-female team “My, My Girls, and Scott.” These students, who attend Young Women’s Leadership School of East Harlem and the High School for Language and Diplomacy, created the game Planet Escaper.


The winning team at Microsoft was “Guardians of the Galaxy.” This team, comprised of students from Cristo Rey New York High School, created Astro Assassin.

Thank you to Google and Microsoft for hosting, and to all of the volunteers who made the day happen. Check out the other incredible projects as well as pictures from the event here, and find social media highlights on storify!

Thanks, as always, for your support. We can’t wait to see what our students come up with in the new year!

These are the other winners and incredible honorable mentions from the day:

Google Hackathon
2nd Place: Celestial by Team Celestial Bodies
3rd Place: Out of this Galaxy by Team Space Odyssey
Best Design: Build Your Planet by TeamPlanet Builders
Most Creative: Lost in the Void by Team GetRekt

Honorable Mentions in alphabetical order

DarthInvaders by Team Tatooine
Galactic Conquest by Team B
Planet Scramble by Team Scriptonauts
Revenge of Pluto by Team Plutonizers
Riding Solo by Team Coalition Squad
Space Avoiders by Team Shrek Dynamite
Space Gems by Team Space Gems
Space Wars by Team Space Homies
The Stranded by Team CodeX

Microsoft Hackathon
2nd Place: Exploration by Team Phoenix Space Champs
3rd Place: Galaxy Memory by Team Rocking Rockets
Best Design: Star Scramble by Team The Rebels
Most Creative: Solar Walkers by Team Solar Walkers

Honorable Mentions in alphabetical order

Decades in Space by Team Time Travelers
Escape Black Hole by Team G-house Warriors
Flappy Spaceship by Team Super S
Han Solo’s Troubled Misfits by Team A/B
Interactive Solar System by Team Space Cadets
On Mars by Team Fire Eagle
Outta This World by Team G
Planet Trivia by Space Tigers
Project by Team Little Einsteins
Sky’s The Limit by Team STS-Star-Wars-Squad
Solar Roaming from Team Pluto
Space by Brooklyn Hackers
Space by Team J
Space by Team project-infinity
Space Invader3D by Team N
Space Junkies by Team Space Codets
Hackathon Planets by Team The Space
Star Wars and Stuff by Team Supreme

ScriptEd 2016 Internship Brochure

internship brochure 2016 updated 1.13.16

ScriptEd’s 2014-2015 Annual Report

Dear ScriptEd Community,

What a year this has been! ScriptEd’s 2014–2015 school year was a terrific success. ScriptEd is part of a growing national and global movement for increased access to computer science and technology education. In the past year, we have grown rapidly to meet the need in New York City, and our students are well on their way towards careers in technology.

Please click below to read our annual report in full-screen view, or scroll down to download the document as a PDF.


Field Trips One Pager

ScriptEd Field Trips One Pager 10.12.15

Our End of Year Hackathon Was Pitch Perfect!

On May 9th, 95 students participated in the fifth ever ScriptEd Student Hackathon. They worked in teams all day with the support of 47 volunteers to create web projects that fit with the surprise theme – music!

The results were, we’re proud to say, a cacophony of awesome.

First place went to the “Droppin’ Beats” project created by students from Manhattan International High School (MIHS). This dance-dance revolution style game required users to catch tracks from SoundCloud. DJ Blazko, who provided two of the featured tracks, is a MIHS student.

The winning projects are as follows:

  • First Place: Droppin’ Beats by Team Manhattan International HS
  • Second Place: Music Battle by Team Brooklyn Hackers
  • Third Place: Pitch It by Team Resonators
  • Judges Choice – Innovation: Song Mash by Team _C0D3BREAKERZ
  • Judges Choice – Visual Design: Moodify by Team Moodifiers (link forthcoming)


Notable Mentions in Alphabetical Order:

Anime Trivia by Team Wizards of Skypeia
BeBop by Team BeBop
Burger King Musical Feud by Team Burger King
Go Wild by Team Cat Scan
Dancing Tigers Revolution by Team Dancing Tigers
The Launchboard by Team Bassdroppers (link forthcoming)
Musical Puzzle by Team Rubber Ducks
MusiCat God by Team Onomatopoeia
64 by Team LXIV

17502205932_2c46325fa0_o (1)

Fred Wilson came to the hackathon too! See what he had to say about it, and why he thinks people should volunteer.

Thank you to Two Sigma for sponsoring, Google for hosting and to all the volunteers who made the day happen.

Check out some tweets from the day below. Find #ScriptEdHack on twitter and instagram for more highlights!

ScriptEd’s Co-Founder and Executive Director Honored as a NYC Catalyst

NYC Catalyst spotlights individuals who are making a positive impact on the lives of their fellow New Yorkers.  Please click here to view the video feature.

ScriptEd’s Internship Program Featured on Uncubed

ScriptEd’s Internship Program was featured on Uncubed’s site on February 25, 2015. Click here to see the article.

ScriptEd Internship Program Featured on Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures Blog

ScriptEd’s Internship Program was featured on Fred Wilson’s blog on Wednesday, February 12th.  Read the post here.

Come to our Internship Information Session on March 4th at 6:30pm! Please fill out an interest form here.

ScriptEd Awarded Google Rise Award

We’re proud to announce that we are officially one of 37 organizations worldwide to be selected for a 2015 Google RISE award!

The winning organizations aspire for students to be creators and not just consumers of tomorrow’s technology, and that includes students of all backgrounds.

Google RISE Awards are grants for organizations across the globe that promote Computer Science (CS) education and run initiatives that reach girls, underrepresented minorities, and students facing socio-economic barriers under age 18.

To read more, click here.